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2020 TAHIT Educational Symposium

CEU Info

Thank you for attending the 2020 TAHIT Educational Symposium!  A certificate of attendance is available to you in the platform's library.  Approximately 45-60 days after the live event, attendees who requested a CEU report during the registration process will receive a detailed report outlining their participation and session attendance to their email address with which they registered for the event.

You have until December 18th, 2020 to continue to attend recorded, on-demand sessions on the platform. However, for sessions attended after 5PM on Saturday, November 21, 2020, you will need to print your own certificate for each individual session after watching the videos and answering the on-screen questions.  To clarify, no CEU report will be provided via email for on-demand videos, even though CEUs are still available.  You simply must print your certificate.  You will not be able to print your certificate and NO CERTIFICATE WILL BE AVAILABLE TO YOU if you do not print it before 11:59PM, CST, ON DECEMBER 18, 2020.

Once all CEU Reports have been sent, this page will be updated.  Please do not inquire about CEU Reports until that time.  Currently, about 83% of CEU Reports have been sent to attendees.


Q:   How many CEUs did I earn at a particular TAHIT event?  

A:   It depends on how long you attended each session and how long each session was.  The vast majority of certifying bodies calculate CEUs as  1 hour of classroom instruction = 1.0 CEU.  Therefore, 1 CEU would be the equivalent of 10 classroom hours.  Other organizations measure Continuing Education as "Contact" or "Classroom" hours. Therefore, if you are required to have 40 Contact Hours of Continuing Education, you can expect that you will need to be in a classroom setting for 40 actual hours to satisfy that requirement.  Additionally, most certifying bodies require you to attend 83.33% of a presentation or workshop to get credit. In other words, you must be present for 50 minutes out of every 60 minutes.  So, if go to a training that is scheduled for 1 hr and 30 minutes, but are only present for for 1 hour and 20 minutes, you would still receive credit.  However, if you only showed up for an hour and 5 minutes of the training, you would not get credit.  On TAHIT CEU Tracking Reports, if a session is listed, you satisfied the minimum attendance requirements. 

Q:   Should the certificate of attendance have my name on it?

A:   Certificates of attendance, as is standard practice in the past 5-7 years in our industry, are "self-service". This means you seek out your own certificate and print and add your own name.  Certificates of Attendance signify that you showed up at the event, thus it is not something "offical".  For official documentation of attendance of sessions, TAHIT provides CEU Tracking Reports.

CEUs Available for the Following Certifying Bodies


ATA - American Translators Association

BEI - Board for Evaluation of Interpreters (TX)

CCHI - Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters

RID (TSID) - Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

NBCMI / IMIA - National Board for Certification of Medical Interpreters