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A quarterly newsletter brought to you by the Texas Association of Healthcare Interpreters & Translators

Vol. 1, Issue 1


Annual TAHIT Elections this Week!

The time has come again that we have a changing of the guard for TAHIT board officials.  While some are running for re-election, others will graciously step aside to allow others to serve our incredible organization.  The positions up for re-election this year are:  Vice-President, Treasurer, Evidence-based Practices Chair, Membership Chair, and Social Media Chair. 

Members should look for the ballot to hit your email inbox on June 1st!  If you missed out on the call for nominations, don’t worry.  As long as the person is a member in good standing, you can write in the name of your preferred candidate!  You are able to cast your vote from June 1st through June 5th.  If you would like to serve in the next elections (to be held the first quarter of 2018, let us know at [email protected]! 


Call for Presenters - 2017 TAHIT Educational Symposium

The Texas Association of Healthcare Interpreters and Translators invites you to submit a presentation proposal for the 11th Annual TAHIT Symposium on Language Access to be held September 8th and 9th, 2017. Austin is the center of Texas' government, arts, entertainment, live music, barbeque and eccentricity!  Join us for the fun!  


The mission of TAHIT’s Annual Symposium on Language Access is to provide up-to-date educational presentations and workshops supporting Language Access in healthcare. The purpose is to bring together medical interpreters, translators, providers, administrators, and healthcare workers for collaboration and an exchange of knowledge.   Your submitted proposal to the 11th Annual TAHIT Symposium should be submitted no later than Friday, June 9th, 2017. Submissions can be made on our website. The Symposium Presentation Committee will notify you by late June if your presentation has been accepted.  Click here for more information.

11th Annual Educational Symposium—TAHIT Returns to Austin

TAHIT celebrates its "Lucky Elevens" 11th Anniversary Symposium in Austin in 2017!   Whether it is visiting the Sixth Street, spending a relaxing evening by the host hotel pool, or catching a live music show with your favorite linguists, Austin promises is a prime destination and host to the TAHIT Educational Symposium.  Our 2017 theme is "Leading the Way in Health Literacy, Language Access and the Law.”


Texans and language professionals from across the country and abroad have come to rely on TAHIT to create a stellar annual event for CEUs, networking, learning, great food and great times.  We do all this, while keeping our symposium the most affordable and highest quality in the nation, in our humble Texas opinion! This year we raise the bar once again...


Encounters Magazine Returns...and we’re looking for articles!

     You might have noticed that TAHIT’s Encounters Magazine could not             be “encountered” over the past two years. Previously, we had a                         relationship with an online magazine publisher who arranged for articles        of interest for language professionals and published the magazine                   quarterly.  However, after they were unable to consistently sell ad                    space, the company would not renew its contact with TAHIT.  So, while         we may have been off the map for a bit, we are back!  We look forward         to engaging our readership with fresh and new ideas.  If you have an              idea for an article, let us know by emailing us at [email protected]!  This               issue is sent to our entire contact list, but beginning in August,                            Encounters again becomes a benefit exclusively for TAHIT members!            Click here to renew your membership now...



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