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Registration - Extreme Interpreting Workshop (@ 2016 Symposium)


"Extreme Interpreting" Post-symposium Elective Workshop

Saturday, September 10th

2:15 - 5:15 PM

Extreme Interpreting: Interpreting in a Trauma I Hospital; from discharge instructions to complicated procedures, to mass casualty events

In this workshop, attendees will learn the full meaning of interpreting in a trauma center. Interpreting trauma implies knowledge of advanced medical terminology, as well as energy and skills tailored to the stressful situations that a trauma call involves. Attendees will learn about the different kinds of trauma calls, specialized and advanced terminology needed for some of these extreme calls, and ways to cope with the "trauma pace.” We will cover different strategies that medical interpreters need to follow to have a less stressful outcome. Actual cases will be presented for study and group exercises will allow for further exploration of interpreting at a Level I trauma center I propose this workshop so participants can explore, learn and have hands-on practice of what it means to interpret in a Trauma I Center. We will cover examples that involve all the aspects of a trauma I center, from simple admissions to complicated medical procedures, to difficult situations and mass casualty events. In my many years as a trainer, participants always come to me asking for more advanced workshops to satisfy not only their ceus requirements but also their thirst for knowledge and development. This workshop will give participants ample and real experience to be better prepared as professional interpreters. The benefits of offering a workshop like this as part of TAHIT conference are extraordinary.


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